PHOTO: Slam Dunk Sensation Mac McClung Shows Off Impressive Full-Sleeve Tattoo

Mac McClung goes viral
Mac McClung (Images Source: IG/mnsantatattoo, Getty Images)

Mac McClung is among the top names in the hoop enthusiasts’ browser search histories when the NBA All-Star weekend comes. The same happened this year as well after McClung won his second NBA Slam Dunk contest title in a row.

The 25-year-old is again going viral, but for a very different reason. According to TMZ, the Osceola Magic guard recently got inked in a NY tattoo parlor, Bang Bang Grand. Artist Michelle Santana said, “He had the design, everything very clear in his head so he decided where each element would be placed in which area of his arm.”

The tattoo has many intricate designs, such as a mountain, an ocean, a butterfly, and birds. Right on his deltoid, there is a heart sign, and inside is a kid reading a book under a tree, which, according to the artist, represents McClung’s inner child.

In his forearm region, there’s a cross tattooed with his high school name, Gate City, just over it. McClung has yet to post the pictures online, but the snaps provided by Santana’s IG handle have already gone viral.

His love for Gate City isn’t only limited to body art as McClung concluded his 4th annual basketball camp in his hometown.

Mac McClung Concludes 4th Annual Basketball Camp

On Saturday, McClung concluded his 4th annual basketball camp held in Gate City, Virginia. According to reports, almost 300 kids from the near vicinity participated in the camp.

This year, McClung also took two NBA trainers to the camp to give the kids a first-hand experience of how the pros in the league train. “It’s not every day you get to work out with an NBA trainer doing hit drills. So, I think if I was a little kid, I’d want to do those drills and see what NBA players do,” said McClung.

His parents were understandably jubilant over the response the camps get each year with excited kids wanting to learn from the Slam Dunk champion. “This is a great way for him to do that. Have a camp and just show them the respect and the love that he has for this area and this community,” said senior McClung.

The Texas Tech alum just finished his G League campaign with the 2024 MVP award and is focused on a return to next season’s All-Star weekend to defend and possibly clinch a third Slam Dunk contest win in a row.


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