REPORT: Drugs Were Detected On An NFL Flight That Has Landed One Former Super Bowl Champion In A World Of Trouble

Roger Goodell sitting in NFL locker room for article on Jacksonville Jaguars having marijuana on flightRoger Goodell (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars could be in trouble with the NFL amid the recent lawsuit that’s rocked the league, given claims of marijuana being used while they flew.

Two flight attendants are suing kicker Brandon McManus, accusing the player of sexual assault while on a flight to London.

The women allege that McManus danced and rubbed against them during said flight, with the lawsuit claiming there was a “party” atmosphere in the air as the team made its way to Europe.

The lawsuit also notes that marijuana was being smoked in flight.

“Throughout the course of the flight, Plaintiffs smelled marijuana smoke coming from the plane’s restrooms,” it reads.

While marijuana is legal in 24 American states, it isn’t in Florida. The NFL hasn’t removed it from its list of banned substances either, though it’s taking a much softer view nowadays.

U.S. federal law prohibits marijuana on airplanes, while recreational use is still illegal in England.

Marijuana And Alcohol Are Both Frowned Upon By The League

Claims of McManus drinking with other members of the crew who are no longer employed by the airline were also made in the suit.

“Defendant McManus himself spent the 8-hour flight roaming the plane, and even enteredthe crewmember-only galley multiple times,” it reads. “Defendant McManus recruited three flight attendants (not the Plaintiffs) to the party, passing out $100 bills to encourage them to drink and dance inappropriately for him. Based on information and belief, the three flight attendants drinking and dancing with Defendant McManus no longer work for Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings.”

Though it doesn’t say so, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk has cited witnesses who claim the players brought alcohol on the flight.

This also contravenes NFL rules, as the league prohibits alcohol on team flights.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been accused of “gross negligence” for failing to ensure a safe working environment for the airline crew. The complainants are seeking over $1 million in damages and want a trial by jury.

Meanwhile, team head coach Doug Pederson said he wasn’t aware of the allegations against McManus until the lawsuit was filed.

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