REPORT: NFL Reveals The Two Teams With The Easiest Schedule For The 2024 Season, And It’s Crazy How Unfair This Is

Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles players at line of scrimmageAtlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles players (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The spectacle that is the NFL schedule release will offer fans something to look forward to for the fall, and no fan base may be happier than the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints before the league enters its quietest part of the year.

For the 2024 season, all 32 teams are already aware of their opponents and which games will be played at home and away. The NFL schedule release, which includes the times of every game and the teams that will play in prime time, will complete arrangements for 2024.

Now, we will find out which team will have it easier than others when it comes to upcoming opponents.

Based on the victory percentage of their opponents from the previous season, the league revealed the strength of schedule for each of its 32 teams on Tuesday. Furthermore, the research indicates that the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons are tied for the weakest SoS going into the 2024 season at (.453).

Although they were unable to capitalize on the NFL’s most favorable schedule in 2023, Dennis Allen and Derek Carr will have another opportunity.

Only the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints have a strength of schedule lower than .465. New Orleans’s schedule feels a little more difficult because the Saints will play eight playoff teams from 2023, while the Falcons will only play six.

The Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers both have a better strength of schedule, thus even if the Falcons and Saints have the least challenging schedule, they won’t have a significant advantage over the other two teams in their division. Tampa Bay’s schedule is the fifth easiest, while Carolina’s is the fourth easiest.

Atlanta Falcons Shocked Everybody By Taking Quarterback In The 2024 NFL Draft

Atlanta Falcons fan at draft (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
The award for most surprising pick during the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft definitely goes to the Atlanta Falcons, who shocked everyone by taking Michael Penix Jr. with the eighth overall pick.

The Falcons were so secretive about their choice that they didn’t even let Kirk Cousins know that it was going to happen.

Cousins’ agent, Mike McCartney, made it clear via NFL Network that the Penix pick came as “a big surprise.”

“We had no idea this was coming. The truth is the whole league had no idea this was coming. We got no heads up. Kirk got a call from the Falcons when they were on the clock. That was the first we heard. It never came up in any conversation.”

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