RUMOR: Dak Prescott And Bill Belichick Are Headed To NFC Team As A “Package Deal” In 2025

Photo of Dak Prescott throwing football and photo of Bill Belichick in Patriots gearDak Prescott and Bill Belichick (Photos via Getty Images)

Dak Prescott and Bill Belichick could both be employed by the same organization next season (not the Dallas Cowboys), according to FOX Sports’ Nick Wright.

Prescott will be a free agent next year unless he can agree to an extension with the Cowboys, while Belichick has been out of a job (coaching-wise) since the New England Patriots relieved him of his duties earlier this year.

Bill, who was surprisingly passed up on by all of the teams looking for a new head coach in 2024, will be part of the ‘Manningcast’ next season, but he’s likely to be back where he really wants to be next season.

Wright reckons both men could possibly head to the New York Giants as a “package deal” next year.

“I think Bill and Dak could go and you could remake an entire organization, head coach and quarterback, a year from now with Dak Prescott the free agent and Bill Belichick the head coach and I think the New York Giants are very viable possibility there,” he said on ‘The Herd With Colin Cowherd’ on Tuesday.

“So just put that out there. Not really a conspiracy theory, just a long-term prediction.”

Dak Prescott And Bill Belichick In New York Isn’t So Far-Fetched

Belichick has a great relationship with the Giants, as he was their defensive coordinator back in the day. Reports suggest he is patiently waiting to be hired as their head coach in 2025, with the Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles supposedly on his list of preferred destinations.

Prescott could present an enticing prospect if he doesn’t extend with Dallas. The Giants are bereft of a long-term quarterback option, and most predict that they will move on from Daniel Jones when they are able to do away with his contract next season.

So Dak Prescott and Bill Belichick teaming up in NY is not entirely out of the question. While the former won’t come cheap, he would give the Giants the stability they have been keen on at the position.


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