Stephen Curry Delivers an 8-Word Message to Cameron Brink Upon Exclusion From the NCAA Tournament

Stephen Curry Delivers an 8-Word Message to Cameron Brink Upon Exclusion From the NCAA TournamentStephen Curry Delivers an 8-Word Message to Cameron Brink Upon Exclusion From the NCAA Tournament (Image Source: GettyImaes)

The Golden State Warriors ace Stephen Curry has sent his heartfelt praises for the young talent Cameron Brink after she was left out of the NCAA tournament. The baby-faced assassin doesn’t often speak about players but his statements for Brink make her special.

Cameron Brink also left a special message for her fellow ballers who played alongside her for the upcoming generation as well. It is a great display of sportsmanship and Brink proved herself to be one of the better athletes out there.

Stephen Curry lavishes Cameron Brink with affection

Golden State Warriors ace Stephen Curry has showered praise for the NCAA talent Cameron Brink. The Dubs star expressed himself on his official Instagram account. He posted a story on his account featuring a photo of Cameron Brink and accompanied it with a heartfelt mes1sage. Brink played her last college-level basketball as Stanford lost and was eliminated from the tournament.

Along with Brink’s photo on his story, Curry wrote, “You left your Mark!! Job Well done Cam.” The Warriors star appreciated the efforts of Cameron Brink at the women’s basketball at the college level. He reminded her that she left a mark on the sport and was successful in fulfilling her role as an athlete and contributing to the sport she loves.

Brink’s touching message for Stanford women’s basketball

After Stanford lost to NC State in the Women’s March Madness Tournament, the college Basketball career of Cameron Brink came to an end. She will most probably be enrolling in the next WNBA draft in the future. She will be a hot pick in the draft and many teams will have their eyes on her in the upcoming draft.

Brink may have played her last collegiate basketball but she displayed great sportsmanship until the end. She has left a touching message for the Stanford women’s basketball team which has been her for the past few years. “I played with some of the best players in the country, best shooters, and I have lifelong friends that I will never, you know, waver from. So I am just extremely lucky… I love these girls. Like Hannah said, I want to play basketball for as long as I can so I am excited,” said Brink. She also thanked her coach and talked about her career in the post-game conference.

What do you think of Stephen Curry’s praises and support for Cameron Brink? What do you think of Brink’s message? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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