Tyrese Maxey Showing Up at Mavs vs OKC Sparks Wild Trade Rumors

Tyrese Maxey at Mavs gameTyrese Maxey (Image Source: X/Dorothy J. Gentry, X/RB)

Tyrese Maxey had a massive season with the Sixers on a personal note, but the franchise did not manage to get past the first round of the playoffs after their elimination at the hands of the Knicks. That did not stop Maxey from being in a round 2 game, as he showed up in the courtside seats during the game between the Mavericks and the OKC Thunder on Monday.

The Dallas native was seen in the front row and was called into action when he picked up a fallen Shai-Gilgeous Alexander when the OKC guard crashed outside the playing area. Maxey was also seen with Mark Cuban during half-time and his presence in the game sparked wild speculation in the NBA community. Here are some of the comments about Maxey on X (formerly known as Twitter):

Despite social media channeling their inner journalists, the NBA All-Star is potentially staying with the Sixers with the franchise planning for significant changes.

Sixers Likely to Sacrifice Draft Pick to Bolster Support for Tyrese Maxey, Joel Embiid

After an impressive season, Tyrese Maxey is reportedly in line for a max contract extension with the Philadelphia franchise. Despite the salary cap space issue, the 23-year-old’s contract is a top priority for the 76ers front office. But only Embiid and an improved Maxey are not enough to fight for a championship.

The franchise is reportedly looking to trade their first-round draft pick to fix that. The Sixers currently hold the 16th pick in the draft, which they’re planning to trade for a surefire star who can improve the supporting cast around Embiid and Maxey. According to ClutchPoints’ Brett Siegel, “There is a growing belief that the Philadelphia 76ers are going to be moving this draft pick in order to add more established talents to their roster around Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, league sources said. The urgency to win right now is growing in Philadelphia.”

Talks of signing Paul George are swirling around the NBA rumors gallery, and the first-round pick could be a bargaining chip if the Sixers can entice the Clippers with it, given that PG13 doesn’t choose free agency. For now, Tyrese Maxey is still waiting for his max contract, but things might take an interesting turn if the social media reporters hit the nail on the head with their theories.

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