VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers Floats Disturbing New Conspiracy Theory About Pat Tillman’s Death That Will Probably Upset Fans

Aaron Rodgers speaking into micAaron Rodgers (Photo via @TuckerCarlson/Twitter)

Aaron Rodgers, no stranger to conspiracy theories and fresh off his beef with Jimmy Kimmel, has floated a new one ahead of his second season with the New York Jets.

Rodgers, whose debut with said team went awry just a few snaps deep, is hoping he can play every game for the Jets in 2024 and has been keeping busy getting himself in shape.

It hardly means he doesn’t have time to make guest appearances, which was the case recently as he sat down with Tucker Carlson for a lengthy chat. The chinwag spawned at least one conspiracy theory, this time about Pat Tillman.

Tillman, who left the NFL to enlist in the military in 2002, was killed in Afghanistan via friendly fire two years later. There are still many questions surrounding his death.

Rodgers said Tillman’s death is suspicious, not just in the way he lost his life, but the way the United States handled his body and uniform after his death.

The QB told Carlson he believes that the U.S. took Tillman’s journal, in which he wrote his true feelings on the war, and used his death to “prop up the war propaganda.”

Aaron Rodgers Blasts America For Turning Its Back On Patriots

Rodgers quickly retold what he read about Tillman’s death, noting that the military did not tell his brother right away and didn’t initially report the friendly fire.

“There are so many people who really love this country that have gotten disenfranchised, and I think that’s part of it,” he said.

Tillman, a former NFL defensive back, enlisted in the U.S. Military after the September 11 terrorist attacks, turning down a $3.6 million contract in favor of serving his country.

Aaron Rodgers cited ‘Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman’ by Jon Krakauer, claiming it’s one of the only books he’s ever read that made him cry.

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