VIDEO: Caitlin Clark Claps Back At WNBA Star Who Suggested She’s Been Benefitting From White Privilege

Caitlin Clark speaking into micCaitlin Clark (Photo via Women Hooping/YouTube)

Caitlin Clark has fired back at a WNBA star who recently asserted that skin color has made all the difference in terms of the opportunities players like herself and others like the former Iowa star get during their careers.

Clark made her WNBA debut for the Indiana Fever on Tuesday night. While she’s undoubtedly increased the number of eyes on the WNBA season, certain players and coaches don’t seem to like her.

Las Vegas Aces star A’ja Wilson recently told the Associated Press that Clark’s popularity is due to her being white.

“I think it’s a huge thing,” she said. “I think a lot of people may say it’s not about black and white, but to me, it is. 

“It really is because you can be top notch at what you are as a black woman, but yet maybe that’s something that people don’t want to see.”

Wilson suggested that she will never be as marketable as Clark, no matter how hard she works.

“They don’t see it as marketable, so it doesn’t matter how hard I work,” she added.

“It doesn’t matter what we all do as black women, we’re still going to be swept underneath the rug. That’s why it boils my blood when people say it’s not about race because it is.”

Nike signed Wilson to a signature shoe deal shortly after making these comments comments.

Caitlin Clark Addresses A’ja Wilson’s Comments

Caitlin Clark addressed what Wilson had to say following her 20-point outing on Tuesday night.

“I think there’s opportunities for every single player in women’s basketball. I think the more opportunities we can give across the board, that’s what’s going to elevate women’s basketball,” she offered.

“It doesn’t need to be one or two players, and I think that even goes back to college. I think we can … the parity in women’s basketball is what’s making more people want to come and watch it. I think the more you spread the love, show people, show their talents, show their teams, that’s just going to continue to elevate it. So, I think that’s the biggest thing.”

While Clark kicked her WNBA career with 20 points on her account, she didn’t exactly cover herself in glory as the Fever lost 92-71, and she committed 10 turnovers.

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