Video Emerges As New Report Claims Rashee Rice & His Friends Fled Scene Of 6-Car Accident With Suspicious Bags That Appeared To Be Hiding Something

Blurry photo of Rashee Rice and his friends fleeing the scene of an accident.
Rashee Rice is still being sought after by police after a car either owned by or leased to him was involved in an accident on a Dallas expressway.

Authorities were looking for Rashee Rice in relation to the accident, according to sources close to the Dallas Police Department and a police call sheet that the Dallas Morning News was able to obtain. It was unknown how serious Rice’s injuries were or if he was directly involved in the collision.

We now have even more news coming out from that 6-car accident and it is stating that Rashee Rice and his friends, who were in a Corvette & Lamborghini that caused the accident, fled the scene because they reportedly had weapons in the car.

Dallas News claims the men were taking “guns and bags from the vehicles” before fleeing the scene.

Dashcam footage showed a Chevrolet Corvette and a Lamborgini speeding down the left-hand lane before colliding with other vehicles before they eventually came to a stop.

The two speeding cars, which one of them had Rashee Rice, could be seen taking out four other vehicles. The Chevrolet Corvette and a Lamborgini were driving at a high speed and the occupants knew they had caused this accident and failed to stay on scene before authorities arrived.

Two drivers received minor injuries and were treated at the site, while two others were sent to the hospital with minor injuries as well.

Rashee Rice Reportedly Retains Counsel Amid 6-Car Accident

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
In an unexpected turn of events, Kansas City Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice finds himself in a situation that was already bad but made worse after he could be seen with friends fleeing the scene of an accident.

Rice reportedly retained legal counsel in the latest update on the saga regarding his potential involvement in a six-vehicle crash in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, and an update is expected sometime on Monday.

Will Rashee Rice ultimately get suspended by the NFL due to his involvement in this car accident? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.



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