VIDEO: Everyone Thinks Jason Kelce Just Dropped The Biggest Hint Yet Regarding A Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce Wedding

Jason Kelce laughs and Travis Kelce kisses Taylor Swift.Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Photos via Getty Images)

Jason and Travis Kelce are quite possibly the most famous brothers in the history of the NFL. There are no questions about why, as Travis is dating the world’s biggest pop star, and Jason Kelce is one of the most prominent personalities who has recently played in the league.

Of course, as brothers, we’d assume that they have a pretty close relationship, which is why anything Jason says about the famed Kelce-Swift relationship may be taken very seriously. This has been the case after the latest episode of the New Heights Podcast.

The Kelce brothers were arguing about which Adam Sandler character each brother could best relate to. The Chiefs star offered up Bobby Boucher and “The Wedding Singer” for his older brother, while the former Eagles star suggested the ladder right back to him.

In the 1998 movie, Sandler plays a wedding singer named Robbie Hart, who eventually falls in love with the character played by Drew Barrymore, Julia Sullivan. The younger Kelce accepted his brother’s comparison while noting Sandler’s amazing acting prowess.

Social media thinks they were dropping a clear hint at an upcoming marriage between Travis and Taylor:

Are Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Getting Married?

There is a lot of speculation about the most famous couple in the world right now. Even though the two have only been dating for about ten months, it hasn’t stopped NFL fans and Swifties alike from speculating about the two tying the knot.

Some eagle-eyed fans even believe Swift may be pregnant with the All-pro tight ends child, which would destroy the internet if it were true. However, nothing has been ultimately confirmed about either rumor, which seems highly unlikely.

After ten months of dating, one can only assume that the pair is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on, and it’s only proven to be true. If one thing is for sure, the NFL is undoubtedly enjoying all of the couple’s successes.

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