VIDEO: LeBron James Fires Back After Getting Exposed by Rapper Doe Boy for Cheating During Live Madden Game

LeBron James Responds to Rapper Doe Boy's Live Madden Game Cheating ExposureLeBron James Responds to Rapper Doe Boy (Image Source: Instagram/Doe Boy)

Since the Lakers’ early exit from the NBA playoffs, LeBron James has had plenty of time for himself and his family. As the 39-year-old enjoys his vacation, his love for the NFL, specifically Madden NFL 24, is on full display.

LeBron is occasionally seen posting social media updates about his clutch plays in the game, and, recently, that led to a showdown with rapper Doe Boy. During Doe Boy’s Twitch stream, he played with LeBron, but the affair was completely dominated by the former Cavs forward. In an IG story posted by Doe Boy, a clip of his game against LeBron is shown where LeBron effortlessly scores a touchdown, which led to the rapper accusing the NBA star of being a cheater.

“Ain’t no f**king way. You really a cheater,” said Doe Boy, to which LeBron replied with laughing emojis followed by eagles as he was playing with the Philadelphia franchise.

LeBron is an avid Madden gamer, as football was always his passion growing up. During his high school days, LeBron was one of the top football prospects coming out of Ohio, but Bron switched to basketball ultimately. But that doesn’t mean LeBron’s expertise is only limited to the virtual world.

LeBron James Can Be Cheat Code in NFL

Recently, the debate between the NBA and NFL took over social media after Austin Rivers claimed that NBA players can have a seamless transition to the NFL, but not the other way around. This caused quite a stir among the NFL stars of past and present and Jason Kelce was no different. The recently retired Eagles center made an exception for LeBron James.

According to Kelce, LeBron has what it takes to survive and flourish in the NFL. “But, if I was an NFL GM, and it was an option, I’d sign Lebron today and within one offseason he’d be the greatest redzone threat in the NFL,” Kelce posted recently in response to the NBA vs NFL argument.

LeBron himself expressed his desire to switch to the NFL once he’s done with the NBA, but the decision might not be wise given his age. Even Charles Barkley warned him about his NFL fantasy. Despite the constraints of switching professions at 39, there is nothing to stop LeBron from enjoying Madden’s actions.

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