Why the Warriors Need to Break Up Their Core, Per NBA Insider

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Things at the storied Golden State franchise aren’t going well this season, as they edge dangerously close to lottery contention and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has gotten super candid about the team’s situation.

“You know Joe Lacob, their owner, gave a very interesting interview in February,” Wimdhorst said on NBA on ESPN. “Now when he gave this interview they were really rolling and it looked like they had their stuff together, and I think that’s important context, but he said in this interview with The Athletic, our plan, I think he said either plan 1 or plan 1A, I think those were his words, is to get under the luxury tax next season. And I don’t blame him, they have paid hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes over the last decade.

“This year’s roster is costing them over $380 million including the taxes. I don’t mind him saying we got to get out of this because it’s not just the actual money, being that far into the tax affects what you can do as a team. The only way to do that guys is to break this team up. …So that means they’re gonna let Chris Paul go, not that he’s transformational player, but if you pick up the option in his contract you can trade that for a big piece with draft picks. Or they’re letting Klay Thompson go.”

Windhorst continued, “If they’re going to get under that tax, and that’s truly plan 1A as he says on the record, they have to be broken up. There’s no way to functionally, massively improve their roster, and you’re going to be negotiating with Klay in some sort of pay cut situation that potentially he’s going to have other bidders on. So I don’t even think it’s a question mark – I think it’s a statement of fact…”

Things went from bad to worse for the Dubs on Wednesday, after Draymond Green was ejected in the first four minutes of the game against the Magic.

Curry has struggled to find a running mate to give him consistent help and is clearly in need of his own Anthony Davis – like LeBron James has at the Lakers. Someone he can rely on.

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