WNBA News: Twitter Erupts Over Viral Video of Kelsey Plum’s Intense Stare into the Camera

Kelsey Plum, Las Vegas AcesKelsey Plum, Las Vegas Aces (Image source Getty Images)

On Saturday, Cameron Brink and the Los Angeles Sparks faced off against Kelsey Plum and the Las Vegas Aces. During the intense WNBA game, Brink collided with Plum below the basket. Brink was fouled while trying to block Plum’s layup. Brink disagreed with the call, believing it was incorrect. After being fouled by Brink, Plum looked into the camera.

The 29-year-old player laughed while looking at the camera, and her teammates helped her get up. However, through her reaction, it is clear that she is laughing because she also thinks that it was not a foul.

Video of the incident has gone viral on social media, with fans reacting and giving different types of responses to it.

“Where’s the foul lmao?” A fan commented.

“You call this basketball?! What a joke. Been taking notes from Leflop.” Another fan wrote.

“lol nice, that smile.” Another added.

“Still searching for the foul.”

“Haha, her reaction is priceless.”

Plum Stunned everyone with her outfit before the season-opening game

Before the season-opening game, Plum amazed everyone with her outfit. She wore two necklaces that hung down her chest and a sleeveless, cropped leather waistcoat that showed off her abs. Below her waist, she wore rugged crackling patent leather moto boots and low-waist crochet leather trousers. She also had a small crescent-shaped carry bag with a logo made of crackling patent leather.

A month ago, heartbreaking news was announced: NFL athlete Darren Waller and his wife Plum filed for divorce after a year of marriage. Just a few weeks after that, Plum openly discussed the challenges she had faced during the offseason and how she had grown stronger as a result. She indirectly referenced her divorce as one of the tough challenges she had to overcome.

“The offseason has been tough for me. I mean, I’m sure everyone knows, it’s pretty public. But, for me, I’m super grateful. I think my faith has grown tremendously, and not just that, but I know who I am. You get refined by fire. I’m excited about this season. I’m excited about Las Vegas — trying to run it back again — and know our fans are with us. I know this organization is with us. I know that our team is as tight as it’s ever been.” Plum said during an interview with Paloma Villicana.

Plum scored 17 points and dished out five assists as the Aces defeated the Sparks 89-82. The Sparks are now 0-2 on the year, while the Aces are at 2-0.


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