Amidst AI James Bond Hype, Fans Drool Over This Surprising MCU Rendition For Henry Cavill

The question on every 007 fan’s lips is – “Who will be the next James Bond?”.

Since Daniel Craig took his last sip of Vesper and retired in 2021’s No Time To Die, there have been numerous speculations about who will pick up the coveted mantle next.  Recently, a fake Bond movie trailer featuring Henry Cavill has gone viral on YouTube, which was created by AI.

The Bond 26 preview introduced the British actor as the new Bond, cleverly pieced together with footage from other flicks. While everyone was marveling at the AI wizardry at hand, MCU fans found themselves lost in yet another fantasy.

Fans across social media platforms are now fantasizing about Henry Cavill stepping into the role of Gladiator. As the proud leader of the Imperial Guard, a group of super-powered beings enforcing the laws of the Shi’ar Empire, this role could be very much in sync with The Witcher actor’s fantasy acting repertoire. Following his departure from the DC universe, Cavill has become one of the most sought-after actors to potentially join the Marvel universe next.

Before Gladiator, Henry Cavill was famous in the running for characters like Cyclops, Doctor Doom, and even Wolverine. However, he has been vocal about his interest in playing Captain Britain above all others in the MCU.

If he were to join the franchise as Brian Braddock, Cavill’s Captain Britain might also find himself part of an MCU team as was teased by Secret Invasion. Nevertheless, MCU fans have been divided into two camps when it comes to the idea of the Argylle actor portraying Gladiator.

On one side, there are fans who can readily imagine the actor in the role, while on the other, some are outright repulsed by the idea.

Henry Cavill as Gladiator caused a rift among Marvel fans

When it comes to playing Gladiator, the primary criterion is a well-built physique, and Henry Cavill undeniably fits the bill. With his muscular physique, coupled with his experience in fantasy and superhero roles, fans found it intriguing to witness how he would tackle the role of the formidable hero.

Nonetheless, despite these credentials, there are still lingering doubts among fans about the idea.

Fans seem to prefer seeing Henry Cavill in alternative roles within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The mixed bag of reactions reveals one clear takeaway: if the MCU intends to bring Henry Cavill on board, they better tread carefully. Otherwise, what could have been a game-changer might just fall flat among fans.

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