Billie Eilish Opens Up About Embracing Growth and Rejecting Anything Less Than Her Worth

Growing up in the spotlight has never been easy, especially for a superstar like Billie Eilish.

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The Grammy winner revealed that she has finally learned to move on and no longer settle for ‘less than she deserves’ – having topped the charts for the first time at the age of 15.

Billie Eilish speaks about learning to move on and not settle ‘for less than she deserves’

In a recent interview, the ‘Bad Guy’ singer also revealed how she struggled with her mental health while at the peak of her fame.

Appearing in Allure magazine, the 21-year-old reflected on how she wanted to hide when she was at her worst.

“To be honest, I’m starting to do better, but to be honest I haven’t been doing very well,” she told the publication.

The ‘Ocean Eyes’ singer later said: “When you think too much about how I’ll never have privacy again, it’s enough to make you want to do all kinds of crazy things. But you have to let it go.”

In heartbreaking interview, ‘Happier than ever’ musician explained how nervous she felt on the streets of Paris when she first felt inspired to make a change .

“It wasn’t a good time for Bill. I wasn’t getting any better and didn’t know when I would get better. And this motorbike was parked next to a car, and this guy’s helmet had a sticker on it. on it it said all hat, ‘Forward,’” she recalled.

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Upon seeing this, Eilish realized that she had ‘really big problems with control’ and had to teach herself what happened to her control and ‘move on’.

Although she’s in a better place now, the chart-topper has had to re-evaluate her life – both professionally and personally.

“I’ve dealt with things, people and life many times. I’ve dealt with things that I didn’t deserve and I won’t do that again,” she told Allure.

In fact, the singer has now committed to prioritizing herself as she gets older, with lyrics about this evident in her latest album, Happier than Ever.

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Eilish added: “So I’m working on that right now. And I’ve made enough people feel good that I deserve to feel good too.”

Even so, the ‘Lovely’ hitmaker still let herself feel her emotions deeply and admitted that she was very touched by her fans’ reaction to ‘What was I made’.

Featured on the Barbie soundtrack, the song became a viral sensation, with women sharing their heartbreaking experiences on TikTok while the ballad played.

Speaking about this for the first time, she said: “The way women hear and see this song is very special to me.”

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