Rare moment: Billie Eilish shows off her OUTSTANDING curves in floral swimsuit

The bikini season has officially arrived, and Billie Eilish even teased her poolside ensemble for the world to see.

The singer can be seen posing in a print string bikini top in her pal Annabel Zimmer’s Instagram carousel. This is the carousel’s fourth slide. “” is Eilish’s comment on the photo that was posted.

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Instagram posts from Eilish in swimwear are rare. The singer recently responded to some who said that because she is dressing more femininely, she is “selling out.”

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Letter to certain comments I be seeing sometimes, she said on a series of Instagram Stories in late May. For the first five years of my career, you idiots completely embarrassed me for my boyish appearance and manner of clothing. I was also told time and time again that I would look hotter if I behaved more like a lady.

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“And I changed and am a sellout now that I’m at ease enough to wear anything even slightly feminine or fitting, and ‘what happened to her.’” Oh my god, she’s not the same as the others, bla blah. You people truly are foolish. Haha. You two can be such fucking bozos.

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“Did you know that women are multifaceted????,” Eilish continued. Amazing, huh? It’s true that women can have a variety of interests. Furthermore, femininity does not equate to weakness? Oh my god! Crazy, huh? Who was aware? Furthermore, wanting to present oneself differently at different times is completely unheard of and irrational. These were the most direct and unvarnished remarks Eilish had made this year on how the public saw her.

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