What will the Marvel art show look like when Henry Cavill takes on Wolverine’s opponent in his MCU debut?

Amidst rumors of Henry Cavill joining the MCU, one fan shared art work depicting the former Superman as the leader of X-Men.

Henry Cavill’s stint as Superman in the DCEU was marred with missed opportunities and remains a big what could have been for fans. However, the actor is now poised to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a fan-favorite choice to play several popular characters from the pages of Marvel Comics.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

While Cavill is rumored to be joining the MCU, a fan took to social media to share their take on the character Cavill should portray. The fan art not only gives fans a glimpse of what Cavill’s MCU debut could look like but also presents the star as a direct rival for Wolverine, a character Cavill has often been fan-cast as. Here is the fan art that turned Henry Cavill into one of Wolverine’s long-running rivals.

Fan Art Imagines Henry Cavill as Cyclops in the MCU

Henry Cavill in a still from Man of Steel

Actor Henry Cavill briefly returned to his role as Superman for 2022’s Black Adam. However, since James Gunn took the helm at DC Studios and rebooted the franchise, Cavill has been without his iconic cape and suit. As a result, fans of the actor have clamored to see him return to the superhero genre by joining the MCU as Captain Britain or Hyperion.

A fan art shared on Instagram by user @spdrmnkyxxiii gives viewers a taste of what Cavill could look like as a Marvel superhero by imagining the actor as Scott Summers / Cyclops, a powerful mutant who emits energy beams from his eyes. You can check out the complete artwork below.

Along with the artwork, the Instagram user expressed a desire to see Cavill in the MCU as Cyclops, especially because the character shares the laser shooting power with Cavill’s DCEU counterpart, Superman. Moreover, casting Cavill as Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men, would allow Cavill to lead a franchise within the MCU, similar to the failed attempt with DC’s Justice League.

Henry Cavill’s Cyclops Could Be the Perfect Rival for MCU’s Wolverine

In February 2024, rumors began circulating that Henry Cavill would be joining the MCU. According to insider MyTimeToShineHello, Cavill wasn’t being considered for the role of Doctor Doom. However, the insider claimed that Cavill had been offered a different role and accepted the part.

Cyclops and Wolverine in Marvel Comics

As a result, several fans expressed a desire to see Cavill as the MCU’s Wolverine, taking over from Hugh Jackman. Some even shared fan art of Cavill as a variant of Wolverine. However, the recent fan-casting of Cavill as Cyclops would make him a rival of Wolverine in the MCU.

In the comics, Cyclops and Wolverine both work with the X-Men but share a rivalry. The duo of mutants is often vying for the affection of Jean Grey, which makes them rivals. As a result, a similar storyline could play out in the MCU where Cavill’s Cyclops and Wolverine feud over a girl and possibly leadership of the X-Men.

Moreover, casting Cavill as Cyclops would add much-needed physicality to the character, distinguishing him from the previous iterations who appeared in Fox’s X-Men franchise. Hence, Cavill’s version could ideally be based on Jonathan Hickman’s take on Cyclops, which includes some of the most beloved comic storylines of the character.

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