How to be like Leonardo DiCaprio? At least try to see what successful people like Leo, Lady Gaga, Beyonce think about success, and learn it from them | HO

How to be like Leonardo DiCaprio? At least try to see what successful people like Leo, Lady Gaga, Beyonce think about success, and learn it from them

8 tips for success from Hollywood stars

Là một cá tính mạnh, nhưng Lady Gaga cho rằng thành công chính là việc tự biết giới hạn của mình nằm ở đâu - Ảnh: Reuters

Although she has a strong personality, Lady Gaga believes that success is knowing where your limits lie

Of course, each individual will be associated with a certain situation, so everyone’s path to success will be different.

Professionalism and effort will be important points for success. However, try to refer to the following 8 tips from successful famous people according to Business Insider, maybe you will learn a lot.

Leonardo DiCaprio

It took more than 20 years to win an Oscar, the word “success” for Leonardo DiCaprio is not necessarily about achieving something, but about doing what makes you happy

Veteran actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who just won an Oscar in 2016, believes that you should do what makes you happy, and let it take care of the rest.

In an interview with the Telegraph, DiCaprio said: “I have been fortunate to achieve many things I dreamed of when I was a child. But in the end, and I firmly believe it, it’s not all about being rich or successful because it doesn’t bring ultimate happiness. Is that true. The issue is whether you have an interesting life or not, regardless of the way you contribute to life.


Singer Beyonce Knowles believes that people should not be afraid of failure. In a video from her self-titled album, Beyonce revealed how she faces and learns from failure: “The reality is, sometimes you fail. You are never too good to fail, never too great to fail, never too smart to fail, simply fail. Failure appears when it needs to appear. And you have to embrace those things.”

Beyonce believes that people who want to succeed must first not be afraid of failure

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the strongest personalities in the European and American entertainment industry. However, to succeed in making a name for herself, she started from a very humble mindset: Knowing her own limits.

During a talk with students at Yale, Lady Gaga revealed her bad feelings about putting too much pressure on herself, forgetting her creative inspiration and love of music. She began to gradually let go of being a money-making machine, and that was also when Lady Gaga “remembered” who she was.

Chris Pine

The Star Trek star believes it’s important to understand fear instead of avoiding it. Responding to Men’s Health magazine, Chris Pine said: “Fear runs our lives. No matter who you are, you must understand your relationship with fear. Whether you’re shy about a new job or starting a new relationship, you have to face your fears.”

Tina Fey

In her autobiography Bossypants, Tina Fey affirmed that she didn’t just say “yes”, but “yes, and…”. The star of these comedy shows said that is how she views contribution and must always contribute to discussions for development.

Denzel Washington values humility the most

Shonda Rhimes

An excellent television producer and screenwriter, Shonda Rhimes is an introvert who rarely reveals herself until one day confiding to NPR that she tried to leave her comfort zone. According to Rhimes, development will come if you dare to leave the things that make you comfortable, because comfort is also the thing that unintentionally drags you to stay with the old, not daring to challenge yourself.

Denzel Washington

“Life is not as complicated as we think it is. We are also not as important as we think. The lesson I learned and what I remember is just humility, hard work, living with a goal and trying to achieve it,” black actor Denzel Washington promoted humility in an interview on The Huffington Post.

Amy Poehler

Comedy star Amy Poehler says it’s important not to be afraid of working with a partner. When working in groups, you will learn more from them and the skills this brings.


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