“LIVING and WORKING with a SPOUSE is NOT ALWAYS the best recipe for HAPPINESS”:Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont after they turned their constant arguments into a TV show-HO

JON Richardson and Lucy Beaumont stunned fans by announcing they are heading for divorce after nine years of marriage.

But now it seems that separation may have been on the cards for some time as they turned their constant rows into a TV show.

Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont are no longer together
Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont are no longer togetherCredit: Getty

The former couple have starred in Meet The Richardsons since 2016

The former couple have starred in Meet The Richardsons since 2016
On Friday, they both took to Instagram with a heartfelt joint statement, which said: “After 9 years of marriage, we would like to announce that we have separated.

“We have jointly and amicably made the difficult decision to divorce and go our separate ways.

“As our only priority is managing this difficult transition for our daughter, we would ask that our privacy is respected at this sensitive time to protect her well-being.

“We will be making no further comment.”

Jon and Lucy are best known for their joint project Meet the Richardsons, where they portray exaggerated versions of themselves.

Despite the portrayal of airing their relationship dynamics on their show, Lucy has revealed that it doesn’t reflect her true self. In a previous interview with The Sunday Post, she expressed her observation of social media comments, noting that some viewers fail to recognize the scripted nature of their on-screen interactions.

“I don’t henpeck we wouldn’t have lasted this long if I was as mean to him in real life.

“You don’t want to see a smug couple in love, in a nice house, with a stable career and a lovely little child.

“Who wants to see that? I wasn’t doing it if we were going to be like that.”

She continued: “We’ll show the other side where we’re just at each other constantly. It’s a more truthful portrayal.

“The world we’ve got around us is slightly bizarre, but I think people still feel like they recognise themselves in it, which is good.”

In 2022, Lucy made a comment about her marriage that might have hinted at underlying issues in their relationship.

Jimmy brutally said: “Lucy and Jon are married.

“So I know Lucy, everyone watching at home is dying to know… What made you decide to settle?”

Lucy joked: “I don’t see this for life.”

“Isn’t it a song – just passing through? Is it? … You meet in your life old souls, new souls… A***holes.”

She then said that she and Jon “had a lovely life together” but then added: “Who knows what will happen in the future.”

Just recently, Lucy opened up about the challenges of collaborating with her husband during an interview with OK! Magazine.OK!.

Comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont who have starred in TV shows about their relationship announce they are set to divorce after nine years of marriage - just days after launching fifth

She said: “It’s a great working environment because it feels like a big group of friends.

“It’s a shame that you can’t see the crew off camera because most of them have worked on the show from the beginning. It’s like a holiday for them.”

The television comedian also dropped a hint suggesting that the ongoing series of Meet The Richardsons might be the final one.

Lucy added: “This will probably be the last one, and we’re going out on a high.”

Jon and Lucy began their relationship in 2013 and eventually got married two years later. Jon once shared the story of how they met, mentioning that comedian Roisin Conaty played a pivotal role in setting them up, as he recounted during an episode of The Jonathan Ross Show.

He said: “Roisin Conaty set us up and for months I said ‘if you like this girl don’t get us involved because I’ll ruin her f**king life’.”

He also later explained why he was reluctant to the idea: “I was very depressed and I thought, why drag someone else down with me.”

Jon eventually agreed to date Lucy, and a year after tying the knot, they welcomed their daughter, Elsie Louise, in 2016. Throughout their relationship, the former couple appeared together in various television programs. In particular, they hosted Channel 4’s Jon & Lucy’s Odd Couples last year.

The couple confirmed they have parted ways
The couple confirmed they have parted ways

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