PROBLEMS THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN–Kanye West was accused of threatening to shave a student’s head and put him in a cage | HO

PROBLEMS THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN–Kanye West was accused of threatening to shave a student’s head and put him in a cage

The former employee accused Kanye West of often inciting, intimidating students and being racist at the rapper’s private school.

According to Mirror, former employee Trevor Phillips is filing a lawsuit against Kanye West. Trevor Phillips used to work at Kanye’s Yeezy fashion company but was then assigned to work at Donda Academy. This is a private Christian school for students from 4 to 18 years old that Kanye founded in 2022 and closed last year after getting into many controversies.

Rapper Kanye West. Ảnh: GC

Rapper Kanye West

In the lawsuit, Trevor Phillips wrote that the 46-year-old artist often boastfully said anti-Semitic words in front of students and created a toxic learning environment for children. Trevor said Kanye once told the two children that he “wanted to shave their heads” and “locked them in a cage”.

Documents say Kanye often expressed agitation with employees. During a meeting to discuss curriculum and school gardening, Kanye “turned it into an anti-Semitic monologue and included s~xual harassment”. Trevor said the rap star called Jews misers and praised Hitler as an innovator.

The former employee also asserted that even though Kanye is black, the artist “treated black employees worse than white employees” at Donda Academy. According to Trevor, he once witnessed a rapper ordering a black security guard to “shave his hair” or he would be fired. This employee is said to have quit his job immediately afterwards.

Một nhân viên bên các học sinh của Học viện Donda. Ảnh: Instagram

A staff member with students of Donda Academy

Currently, Trevor Phillips is suing Kanye for discrimination, harassment, creating a hostile work environment and asking for at least $35,000 in compensation. Trevor also sought an injunction prohibiting Kanye from opening any schools for children under 18 in the future.

In a statement to Page Six, Trevor Phillips’ attorney said: “By filing this lawsuit, we hope to recover the rights of our injured clients and want famous artist Mr. West to understand that these His message – which we accuse of preaching discrimination, anti-Semitism and loving Hitler – has no place in this world.”

Kanye West’s representative has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

Last April, two Donda Academy teachers, Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, also filed a lawsuit against Kanye West, accusing the artist of introducing a series of strange rules to students and unreasonable termination of employee contracts. Cecilia Hailey said Kanye forced the children to eat cucumber sushi rolls every day and was not allowed to eat breakfast or bring in outside food. The rapper requires students to wear all black and only use clothes designed or sold by Kanye. At the same time, Kanye banned people from wearing Nike shoes as well as Adidas – the brand that cut the contract with him late last year.

Former teacher Chekarey Byers described the school as “a mental hospital run by patients”. She said what Kanye advertised about the academy sounded great but the truth was just a mess. Chekarey Byers affirmed that he always admired Kanye’s musical talent but could not accept the way the rapper managed his school.

“It is clear that Kanye West is as bad at running his schools as he is at managing his personal and professional lives, creating the conditions for an unsafe and illegal school environment,” the plaintiffs’ attorney said in a statement. The egregious violations at Donda Academy are another example of Kanye West’s erratic behavior and our client will not stand for it, regardless of his fame. Kanye needs to realize his talent is create music, not manage schools.”

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