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YOU MAY NOT KNOW –What did Hollywood stars do before they were famous?

Hollywood stars are known to have a dreamy life and huge wealth. However, few people know that many of them have taken on a series of jobs to make ends meet.

Jennifer Anniston

Before getting an important role in the TV show “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston worked at different part-time jobs. One of those jobs is telemarketing.

Jennifer Joanna Aniston is known as an American actress, producer and entrepreneur. She impressed the public through her role as Rachel Green in the series “Friends” from 1994 – 2004. This role also helped the female star win an Emmy Award.

After this “push”, Jennifer Anniston participated in a series of popular movies such as: “Rumos has it”, “Friends with money”, “The break up”, “He’s just not that into you”, “The switch” , “Just go with it”… The film also helped the female artist quickly join the list of “money-making” faces in American cinema. Her assets are estimated to reach 320 million USD in 2022.

In addition to the Emmy, Jennifer Anniston also won the Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her role in the movie “The Good Girl”.

Although her career is going smoothly, the female star’s love life is quite difficult. In 2000, she married Brad Pitt. However, in 2005, the two announced their separation.

In 2011, Jennifer Anniston began a new relationship with actor, director and screenwriter Justin Theroux. The couple got engaged in 2012, married in 2015 at their home and broke up at the end of 2017.

Currently, after two marriages, the actress is still single and has no children. However, she is a rare female star in Hollywood who possesses enviable beauty.

Jim Carrey
Most famous for his roles in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “The Truman Show” and “Bruce Almighty”, Jim Carrey has struggled financially since he was young. The actor and his brother John used to work as janitors after school.

They also worked as security guards at the tire factory where their father worked. Then his father was fired and Jim Carrey had to drop out of school at the age of 16. After that, he started doing some comedy shows, while still working as a security guard and janitor.

Persevering in his passion for art eventually brought a major turning point in Jim Carey’s life. In the late 1970s, with the fortune of “Toronto’s No. 1 comedian”, Jim Carrey moved to the United States – where the young artist began his self-written show at Los Angeles comedy clubs. After that, he received steady performances in the NBC entertainment shows “The Tonight Show” and “Saturday Night Live”.

Success came to him in 1994, when Jim Carrey was given the lead role in the blockbuster comedy “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. At the same time, he left a strong impression with his appearance in “Dumb and Dumber”.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is an actor, producer and businessman. However, before he achieved his current success, he worked at the PepsiCo/Quaker Oats factory as a cleaner. Specifically, Kutcher worked the night shift, cleaning production areas to make a living during college.

Ashton Kutcher was a biochemistry engineering student before winning a modeling award and deciding to leave school to pursue an acting career. The turning point came for him in 1998, when he emerged from the role of Michael Kelso in the TV series “That ’70s Show”. After that, the actor continued to have a series of similar typical characters, following the beautiful but “brainless” type.

Contrary to that image, in real life, the star has long been famous as a “big man” with a keen eye in the venture capital world. Tech people know the actor as one of the most influential patrons in the US, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to the future of successful startups like Spotify, Foursquare, Uber and Airbnb.

Ashton Kutcher is a famous star who is known to be very good at making audiences laugh. The character played by the actor always has an innocent and mischievous expression.

The actor’s outstanding works include: TV series “That ’70s Show” (1998 – 2006, Fox TV), “The Ranch” (Netflix, 2016 – present), “Punk’d” (MTV , 2003 – 2007) and movies like “Just Married”, “The Butterfly’s Effect”, “Jobs”…

Steve Harvey

Growing up in Cleveland, comedian MC Harvey worked as a newspaper salesman, grocery clerk and worker at the Ford factory. He also ran a carpet cleaning business at the age of 26. He was not afraid to take on any job to make money. At one point, Steve Harvey pursued a boxing career and made money from the ring.

In 1985, he stepped on stage to perform his first stand-up comedy show. The show did not earn much money. Sometimes, Harvey only brings in as little as 50 USD/day but he really enjoys that job.

It’s difficult to find stability as a comedian. However, not long after, Harvey landed a position hosting the television show “It’s Showtime at the Apollo.”

Steve Harvey began to shine endlessly. His name is now associated with a series of successful television shows. Harvey’s most notable television appearances include hosting the popular family game shows Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud and The Steve Harvey Show.

Harvey also hosted “Little Big Shots” and the Miss Universe pageant for a long time. His hard work and perseverance finally paid off.


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