‘Dr. No Means No’ Explores the Secret Life of Bond Girls

Kestrin Pantera’s upcoming action comedy short will ask, “What do the Bond girls do when they’re off-screen?”

JJ Nolan and Breeda Wool in Dr No Means No
Resting Bitch Face Productions


 Bond girls often get little screen time, but a new comedy from Kestrin Pantera, Dr. No Means No, gives them a chance to shine without 007 around.
 Pantera’s upcoming action comedy short celebrates Bond girls and their untold stories.
 The film will premiere at Berkshire International Film Festival, offering a fresh perspective on the iconic Bond franchise.

While the titular agent himself may be the most notable name in the James Bond or 007 franchise, there is another revolving door of characters that have grown to be just as much part of the lexicon as the secret agent.

That would be the Bond girls — the titular spy’s romantic love interests and partners who vary from one film to the next and who get little (if any) praise at the end of the day.

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does a Bond girl do when she’s not in the company of James Bond?”

then Kestrin Pantera’s upcoming action comedy short, Dr. No Means No, is the movie for you.

Collider is proud to drop the exclusive announcement that the film will celebrate its premiere at the approaching Berkshire International Film Festival.

With the title already up for the Next Great Filmmaker Award (NGFA), it’s easy to understand why when you read about the helmer’s vision behind the project.

Referring to her attachment to the Bond films as a “love-hate relationship,” Pantera laments over the fleeting amount of screen time each of the Bond girls is given per movie.

As a professional, with this movie being her bread and butter, we trust her calculations when she says, “Ana de Armas clocks 5 min in No Time To DieMonica Bellucci tops at 7 in Spectre, and Octopussy’s face isn’t seen until over an hour into the film — and isn’t she supposed to have eight pussies?”

A very fair question and one that we agree deserves some more investigating.

For those who may be rolling their eyes and already preparing to write off Dr. No Means No as just another push for feminism, Pantera is here to remind you that she’s on your side as she’s not here to jab the productions for their sexist storylines (because in her words, “why bother”) but she’s instead prepared to die on a hill for more Bond girl inclusion throughout the movies.

What exactly does this mean? Well, for one, the short is going to be told from a Bond girls’ perspective, with audiences seeing the gals doing their thing without 007 around.

This means there will be plenty of sleuth-y spy action with likely a touch of the mundane, as Bond girls are just like us in a lot of ways and need to go to the grocery store too.

Pantera also promises that she’ll track down some of our other burning questions, like “Where are the seven other pussies?”

Who’s Behind ‘Dr. No Means No’?

A woman sits in lingerie with red bunny ears in 'Dr No Means No' JJ Nolan sneaks up on Breeda Wool in 'Dr No Means No' An actress in 'Dr No Means No' stands in a glittering gold dress JJ Nolan and Breeda Wool in Dr No Means No

Joining Pantera on perhaps the most important project of many of our lives, the short stars performances from Breeda Wool (UnREAL), JJ Nolan (Chicago Med), Emily Chang (The Vampire Diaries), Charlotte Ubben (Pretty Problems), Eugene Kim (Obliterated), Randy Sklar (What We Do in the Shadows), Jason Sklar (What We Do in the ShadowsCool Benson (Obi-Wan Kenobi), and Alex Klein (Pain Hustlers).

The title is under the Resting Bitch Face Productions banner and will serve as the first installment of the Spy Sluts Cinematic Universe, and we’re so here for it.

As of right now, no trailer for Dr. No Means No has been released, but you can check out some exclusive stills above.

Berkshire International Film Festival will take place from May 30 to June 2 this summer, you can grab your passes now.

And in the meantime you can check out Pantera’s previous interview with Collider’s Perri Nemiroff for Pretty Problems below!

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