Exploring Miley Cyrus’ Extensive Tattoo Collection

‘Disney Princess’ shows her personality with many unique tattoos on her body.


After the death of her pet dog Floyd in April 2014, Miley Cyrus recently got a tattoo of her “best friend” on her left rib with the words “With a Little Help from My Fwends” surrounding it like a medal. impressive chapter.

The singer loved this dog very much and felt extremely sad when Floyd died from a wolf bite.


“Just Breathe” was the first tattoo of the Wrecking Ball singer at the age of 17.

Sharing with Harper Bazaar, the beauty said that this phrase will always remind her of her friend who passed away from lung cancer.


In April 2013, the beauty showed off her mother’s portrait tattoo on her right bicep with the caption: “I love this woman very much and she is mine forever.”


The image of a crying cat was tattooed on the inside of her lips by the rebellious girl to create a ton-sur-ton style with animal videos during a tour in 2013.


A close friend of the star said: “Miley has a dreamcatcher tattoo with four feathers on her right side to protect her four remaining siblings from bad dreams.”


Access Hollywood revealed that the word “Love” on the beauty’s right ear means that she is always oriented towards love and will only listen and absorb good things, ignoring the negative ones.


Expert Fabio Satori helped the star print an anchor on her left wrist during her Corazon Gitano tour in 2011. This tattoo design helps her feel safe and protected.


Two small, perpendicular arrows near the right elbow are a symbol of friendship for indigenous people.

Miley Cyrus confided: “This is simply a tattoo that symbolizes precious feelings and it helps me become more beautiful.”


The small skull image near the beauty’s left heel is a couple tattoo design with her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

This symbol is related to the Mexican holiday called “Day of the Dead”.


“Love Never Dies” is also the couplet tattoo she had with her ex-fiancé when the two were still passionate.


The word “Rolling $tone” was “engraved” by the beauty under her foot to commemorate her first appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine .


On her left bicep, the “Disney princess” tattooed a heart from two different angles.

Although the beauty is secretive about its meaning and the Roman numerals above, many people believe that this is a symbol of the past love of her and Liam Hemsworth.


A very special thing in the “Disney princess” family is that every member has a heart tattoo on their finger.

While her mother and siblings tattooed their thumbs and ring fingers with black and pink ink, Miley chose her little finger to express her love.

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