Fact Check: Did Sylvester Stallone pull out of a $1 billion movie project due to Robert De Niro’s wokeness? Viral post debunked

On Facebook, rumors that Sylvester Stallone was dropped from a $1 billion film project because of Robert De Niro have gone viral.

A recent rumour about Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro has been debunked (Image via Getty)

Several accounts, including Strong Community, claimed the same thing on the social media platform.

The social media page uploaded a post on June 2 and attached an image of the two celebrities with the caption:

“Sylvester Stallone’s sudden departure from a major film, denouncing Robert De Niro as “too woke and creepy,” has rattled Hollywood to its core.

This unexpected exit sheds light on the simmering tensions between the two iconic actors, sending shockwaves throughout the industry.”

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Even the picture used also read-

“Sylvester Stallone drops out of major project, calling Robert De Niro “Too Woke and Creepy.”

However, the claims are not true. Even though the statements seem genuine, the Facebook page is satirical, therefore they don’t publish factually correct news. Stallone did not pull out of a $1 billion movie project due to Robert De Niro.

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