“How Sylvester Stallone Has Adapted His Training Over the Years”

On his 72nd birthday, much like any other day, Sylvester Stallone hit the gym.

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Actually, allow me to rephrase that.

He didn’t just hit the gym. He demolished it.

One of the biggest action stars of all time, Sly is renowned for his impeccable physique. Even throughout his 60’s, he took on roles which required him to be in great shape all year round.

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At the moment, Sly is back in training for the action movie double-header of Rambo V and The Expendables 4, and he’s taking no prisoners in the weights room as he sets about unveiling yet another muscular masterpiece on the big screen.

In this comprehensive piece of content, he discusses the various adaptations he has made to his training routine though the years.

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