Katy Perry puts on a vivid display as she matches her hit songs to colors in new Behr and Spotify collaboration

Katy Perry announced a new way for fans to enjoy a moment of synesthesia as she unveiled her new partnership with Behr and Spotify.

In video posted to her Instagram on Friday, the singer, 36, changed the color of her room by turning a dial of her hit songs.

For example, in the video she first turned the dial to Never Really Over, and the all-white room became totally yellow with the star donning a flowing yellow dress and dyed-blonde hair.

Multiple senses: Katy Perry posted a video to her Instagram to announce a way for fans to enjoy a moment of synesthesia

The concept of the video put Perry through a number of costume changes.

From her yellow ensemble, the Waking Up in Vegas remix began playing and Perry’s clothes changed into a skin-тιԍнт leather dress. She wore her hair down past her shoulders

valiente ✦ — KATY PERRY for Behr (2021)

Teenage Dream turned the room blue, and the I Kissed a Girl wore a classic outfit inspired by the 1970s. Her hair turned into a short, trimmed bob.

The video ended with the phrase, ‘Every song has a color,’  written on the screen.

Starting off sunny: The singer's first song put Perry in this flowing yellow dress and dyed-blonde hair

Skin-тιԍнт outfit: Perry changed into this leather outfit that left little to the imagination

The Grammy Award winning artist captioned the pH๏τo, ‘Every song has a color. (What, you didn’t know that?!)Well, see them for yourself at behrmusicincolor.com. Then come back and tell me the color of your favorite song.’

A project between Perry, Spotify, and Behr, MUSIC IN COLOR by BEHR is ‘an interactive audio representation of colors Katy Perry experiences through music,’ according to a release.

Users can use the tool to find new paint colors through their favorite music on the streaming app.

Vintage outfit: The singer wore an outfit inspired by the 1970s

Other artists also have colors to go along with their songs. Artists such as Dido, Panic! At the Disco and Dua Lipa also have colors to accompany their songs.

This latest project isn’t the only one the artist has been working on recently.

Perry also released an album, Smile, last year, and she released a single earlier this year for Pokémon 25: The Album.

The superstar has also been busy with her engagement to Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom and their infant Daisy Dove Bloom, who turned one last month.

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