Katy Perry suffers wardrobe malfunction during American Idol, her top breaks off during shooting and then…

American Idol judge Katy Perry’s top breaks off during episode filming, she humorously reacts, ‘that song broke my top off!’

American Idol judge, Katy Perry suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during a recent episode. As Roman Collins was performing, Katy’s top unexpectedly broke, prompting her to seek cover behind a table.

American Idol Judge Katy Perry's dress broke off during the episode filming.(@katyperry )
American Idol Judge Katy Perry’s dress broke off during the episode filming.(@katyperry )

Katy Perry holding her dress during the shooting of American IdolKaty Perry holding her dress during the shooting of American Idol
After the performance, Katy humorously told the audience, “That song broke my top off!” Ryan Seacrest, the host, playfully advised her, “Katy, don’t cut yourself!”

noticing her wardrobe malfunction. Katy added, “I guess it is a woman’s world,” to which Luke Bryan quipped, “Ratings, ratings, ratings!”

Once things calmed down, Luke praised Roman’s performance, leading Katy to joke, “You literally have the ability to blow the roof off the place… or a top!”

Fans took to social media to share their reactions. Some likened Katy’s malfunction to the effect James Brown’s songs have on people, while others humorously compared it to Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl incident.

Earlier, Katy had posted her outfit on Instagram, showcasing a unique top and leather pants designed by Kate Barton. During the episode, some fans playfully compared her attire to a “jet plane.”
Katy Perry had shared images of her dress ahead of the showKaty Perry had shared images of her dress ahead of the show

This incident isn’t the first time Katy’s outfit choice has sparked discussion. On a previous episode, she wore a floor-length black sheer dress adorned with large gray and black pom-poms, leading Luke to comment that she looked “like the inside of a car wash.”

Katy announced that this season might be her last on American Idol. She expressed her love for the show and her desire to explore new music and travel the world.

As rumors swirl about potential replacements for Katy, names like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, and Shania Twain have been mentioned. While some producers believe Miley would be perfect due to her popularity and ability to attract younger viewers, others have concerns about her controversial behavior.

Despite the drama, there’s still hope that Katy may reconsider her decision to leave the show. No official replacement has been announced yet.

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