Lady Gaga dazzles in a bubble machine dress before revealing a stunning see-through leotard

Known for her eccentric fashion choices, she has gained a reputation for sporting unique and unconventional outfits, such as dresses made from meat, Kermit the Frog dolls, and Hello Kitty toys.

Lady Gaga continued to showcase her unorthodox style in London by donning a white mini dress adorned with bubble blowing machines that delighted her fans.

Strutting down a Camden street in sky-high platform heels, the 27-year-old singer left a whimsical trail of bubbles in her wake.

Lady Gaga stunned in a unique white bubble mini dress that was adorned with bubble blowing machines as she departed The Roundhouse in London on a Sunday evening.

Her choice of rounded sunglasses perfectly complemented the colorful bubbles shimmering in the light, giving her a distinctive and eye-catching look as she wrapped up her performance at the iTunes festival.

Along with a nose ring and a short mousy wig, Lady Gaga kept her makeup subtle as she walked down the street with the assistance of two helpers.

Despite her high-energy show featuring a sea shell bra and thong, the superstar was still ready to keep the party going, swapping her bubble dress for a stylish grey wool double-breasted coat.

That dress the singer is wearing sure looks heavy – it’s practically made of machines and barely keeps her modesty covered.

Walking tall in a pair of sky-high platform heels, Gaga added some extra height to her ensemble.

With the help of her assistants, Gaga relied on a supportive arm to navigate in her towering heels. Accompanied by a male friend, she continued her night out at the popular West London night club Boujis.

Not stopping at her already attention-grabbing ensembles, the singer went even further by shedding her coat to reveal a sheer white leotard.

Maintaining her signature sunglasses, Gaga traded her strappy shoes for lace-up platform boots while graciously signing autographs for eager fans.

Appearing joyful and animated, Lady Gaga couldn’t hide her excitement as she trailed a cascade of bubbles behind her.

The pale substance: Gaga caused a stir among her excited fans when she emerged from the building.

In a more casual manner: The celebrity gave a sneak peek at the intricate details of her outfit.

During her 2009 tour, the singer made waves by wearing a dress made entirely of bubbles. Four years later, as she promotes her latest album ARTPOP, she continues to stun audiences with her unique fashion choices.

From ninja-inspired ensembles to sea nymph looks, she keeps fans entertained with her bold style.

At a recent show at The Roundhouse, which kicked off the iTunes Festival, fans were treated to a mix of Gaga’s classic hits and new tracks from ARTPOP like Jewels & Drugs, Sex Dreams, and the ballad I Wanna Be With You. Excited for the performance, Gaga took to Twitter to share her anticipation with her fans.

Not long before the show, a rehearsal video of her latest song Manicure was posted on YouTube, giving a sneak peek of what was to come.

The performance itself was a high-energy affair, with Gaga and her backup dancers engaging in a mesmerizing and sultry routine. Overall, it was a night to remember for fans of the Applause singer.

Pure joy: Lady Gaga returned to her hotel wearing a transparent white one-shouldered bodysuit.

Exposing the skin: The vocalist confidently flaunted her hourglass shape as she returned home in the wee hours of the day.

Posing for the camera: The vocalist appeared at ease in her stylish one-shoulder outfit.

In the wee hours of the night, Gaga kept her sunglasses on and switched her strappy shoes for lace-up platform boots while graciously signing autographs for her devoted fans.

Her backup dancers enthusiastically raised their arms and swayed in a mesmerizing wave-like motion as the singer belted out her tunes, showcasing her powerful vocals.

The crowd at the festival were in for a special treat indeed. Fans dressed up in true Gaga fashion, emulating her iconic looks to show their admiration for the pop star.

In honor of her new song “Swine,” many supporters sported pig noses and proudly displayed signs with the hashtag #swinefest2013.

Living in a cube: Lady Gaga made a statement by donning a square, double-breasted grey coat while stepping out with a male companion at the London hotspot Boujis.

Social butterfly: Gaga arrived at the exclusive West London club ready to keep the party going, showing off her energy after her performance on stage.

The New York celebrity was feeling happy and carefree as she made her way out for the evening. Earlier in the week, she teased fans by sharing a snippet of her new song “Swine,” with lyrics that playfully call out someone as a “pig inside a human body.”

She later posted more lyrics on her Twitter account, giving fans a taste of what’s to come on her upcoming album Artpop, set to be released on November 11.

Meanwhile, the iTunes festival is in full swing with performances from music legends like Elton John, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry lined up throughout September.

Lady Gaga stole the show at The Roundhouse in Camden, sporting a unique shell bikini and seaweed thong ensemble that had everyone talking.

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