Lady Gaga shares drunk snap of herself during pal’s bachelorette bash

She spent Saturday cavorting with male strippers at a friend’s bachelorette bash.

And Lady Gaga clearly had a good time, joking that she was ‘completely wasted’ during the booze-and-stripper filled weekend with her pals.

Gaga posted a picture of herself in a baby pink minidress with platform heels and a feather boa and wrote: ‘I’m pretty sure I’m completely wasted in this photo.’

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‘Wasted’: Lady Gaga joked that she was ‘completely wasted’ in this picture from her friend’s bachelorette bash on Saturday night

While she may have been drunk, Gaga appeared to be channelling Marilyn Monroe in the pictures thanks to her platinum blonde wig and feather boa.

It was a wild weekend for the Born This Way singer, who threw caution to the wind in a New York City hotel among her friends she’s known since their days in an all-girls Catholic high school.

Uh oh! Gaga appeared to have had too much fun at the bash


Channelling Marilyn: Gaga appeared to have taken style tips from Monroe in her feather boa and platinum blonde wig

The entertainer got into the spirit of things by cavorting with male strippers at the bash, which went into the early morning hours.

Lady Gaga even ignored her diet and gorged on a slice of pizza.

She was happy to share the fun and the debauchery in a series of Instagrams.


Ouch: Lady Gaga exhibited some nasty looking bruises on her left leg as she stepped out in NYC on Sunday following a raucous night at her pal’s bachelorette party


What happened: The singer’s bruises were coloured deep purple and red

Nice outfit: The Cheek To Cheek singer was wearing a classic black dress and tailored coat that clashed with the bruises on her leg

Lady Gaga also exhibited a photo showing her with the bridal party surrounded by four muscular male strippers who were clad in G-strings.

‘Lord help the parents of Catholic school girls. We were bad in highschool and were bad now (sic). #ArisBacheloretteWeekend #WhiteGirlWastedNYC’ she captioned the picture.

The shenanigans were enough to work up an appetite for the Born This Way songstress, who told her social media followers that she was so intoxicated that she went against her better judgement and indulged in little late-night junk food.


‘We were bad in high school and we’re bad now’: The superstar shared a series of revealing snaps from her night of debauchery with her pals

Junk food binge: Lady Gaga gorged on pizza but later admitted to her social media fans that she had no recollection taking this snap

Flexing her power: The shenanigans with her former classmates lasted all weekend

‘I’m mostly devastated by this photo I discovered on my cellphone taken at 5 am. PIZZA IS NOT A PART OF MY NEW DIET,’ she wrote alongside the snap that showed her posing with the pizza slice.

‘Sorry @sloaner7 I blacked out I don’t remember w thing!’ Gaga added.

It must have been some party because Lady Gaga displayed some horrific looking bruises on her leg as she emerged from her apartment building in New York City on Sunday.

She was dressed in a tight black dress and tailored black jacket, but the inside of her left leg was coloured purple and red, a possible sign that her previous evening had gotten a little too boisterous.

Amazingly enough, Lady Gaga pulled herself up and hit up the gym for a yoga class that day.

She posted two revealing snaps of herself in various poses while wearing a skimpy crop top and bikini briefs.


Another bender: Lady Gaga threw herself into what must have been a grueling post-party yoga session

So flexible: The eccentric star showed her amazing flexibility during a forward bend


Bundled up: Lady Gaga headed to yoga while dressed in a short and furry jacket and high heels

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