Miley Cyrus Playfully Sprays Water 0n Fans During Capital FM Summer Bash

At last year’s MTV EMA’s, she caused a stir by sparking up a contentious cigarette while collecting her award, grabbing the spotlight once again.

Keeping the element of surprise alive, Miley Cyrus shocked her fans yet again at the Capital FM Summertime Ball by performing with dancers brandishing massive ‘spliffs’.

Miley Cyrus spits water into the crowd as she performs during Capital FM's  Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium, London Stock Photo - Alamy

In a bold move to create a stir, the 21-year-old jokingly pretended to take a puff from one of the props while being escorted by Amazon Ashley Adair and other dancers sporting shiny nipple covers.

Miley Cyrus dazzled the crowd with her enthralling performance at the Capital FM Summertime Ball held at the iconic Wembley Stadium. Her confident and futuristic vibe captivated the audience, leaving them spellbound.

Once again causing a stir with her fashion choices, Miley Cyrus caught everyone’s attention with her latest outfit that looked like extra-large ‘spliffs’.

But this time, she went for a more conservative look, wearing a custom-made outfit by Jeremy Scott for Moschino that had a modern hippie vibe.

Miley cyrus performs during capital summertime ball at wembley stadium  hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

Miley’s outfit was a dazzling display of style, with a shiny silver mini skirt and a matching crop top adorned with carefully crafted flowers.

Keeping in line with the space theme, she rocked silver moon boots that echoed the floral pattern. Miley never fails to amaze with her unique and extraordinary fashion sense.

Miley teasingly pretended to take a puff from a cigarette being held by her friend Amazon Ashley Adair, who was sporting nipple covers.

In a surprising twist, Australian radio host Sophie Monk delighted her Instagram followers with an exciting post.

The photo showed Sophie meeting the amazing Miley Cyrus, where she got the chance to learn how to twerk from the twerking queen herself.

This unexpected twerking tutorial took place backstage during Miley’s electrifying concert in the vibrant city of Antwerp, Belgium.

Sophie was absolutely thrilled to share her excitement on Instagram about her upcoming interview, even posting a picture outside Miley’s dressing room. She added some extra flair by applying bold silver makeup to her eyes. During the show, she kept things lively by playfully cursing and hyping up the crowd for more noise. In a mischievous move, she even humorously sprayed water on the audience, jokingly saying she would stay on stage as long as she could because it was her first time performing at Wembley. Despite her playful antics, the crowd roared with applause as she exited the stage with a dwarf dancer by her side.

In an interview with Capital FM, the talented singer shared her excitement about her upcoming Wembley performance, calling it a fantastic day. Despite performing in front of a massive crowd of tens of thousands, Miley stayed relaxed and casually mentioned that she didn’t let the pressure get to her. She even turned the performance into a family affair by inviting her sister and little brother to join her on stage. Playfully, she joked, “If I have to face 80,000 people, y’all have to as well.” Let’s boogie: Miley delighted her fans by sharing a series of videos on her Instagram, giving a sneak peek into her high-energy live show.

Exploring the Hilarious Realm of Inflatable Entertainment: Miley Cyrus’ performance showcased a mix of entertaining features, including the sight of giant rubber ducks that added a playful touch to the show. Customized Just for Her: Miley stole the spotlight in a stunning ensemble consisting of a chic mini skirt and a top that matched flawlessly, designed by Jeremy Scott of the famous brand Moschino. Dressed in a dazzling silver attire, she exuded an air of sophistication that instantly drew the gaze of the audience.

Prepare to dance: Miley playfully tossed her short hair from side to side, bringing joy to the crowd watching her. Fearless Decision: The dancers with Miley Cyrus bravely chose to wear shiny silver pasties with trendy short bottoms.

Miley was totally in her own fashion world, rocking a unique look at the show. She stood out with her bold choice of moon boots adorned with pretty flowers. Keeping up her mysterious vibe, she paired them with a chic leather-look dress that was both classy and on-trend, hitting below the knee and with long sleeves. Despite the unconventional outfit, Miley stayed true to herself by playfully sticking out her tongue for the cameras, a trademark move of hers. Looking refreshed and glowing, perhaps thanks to her break from the Bangerz tour in Barcelona. Driven by curiosity, Miley couldn’t resist exploring the texture and sparkle of the disco ball-like nipple covers she wore, adding an extra touch of whimsy to her ensemble.

Sharing a Smooch: Miley Cyrus shared a sweet kiss with her dancer, who rocked cone-shaped embellishments reminiscent of Madonna. Captivating: Miley Cyrus is captivating audiences with her mesmerizing and slightly provocative performances on her Bangerz Tour in Europe. From England to France and Germany, Miley is leaving a lasting impact wherever she goes. While on tour, Miley has encountered some challenges with her performers. She recently shared that one of her DJs was unable to perform at a show, but a quick-thinking lighting employee got the crowd moving as a last-minute replacement.

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