Rare Picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood Holding Their Babies Goes Viral

Minimal living conditions in childhood taught crucial lessons to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie traveled to America and competed in bodybuilding events with a resolve to be successful in life.

Soon, he was declared the 7x Mr. Olympia champion, and at the pinnacle of athletic success, the icon shifted to movies. Across the arenas, he made friends. One of them is Clint Eastwood.

Schwarzenegger often reveals valuable traits of his friends, including bodybuilding icon Franco Columbu and acting sensation in Eastwood. Now, the internet has proof of Arnie’s decades-old friendship with the American actor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s friendship with Clint Eastwood

The bodybuilding community is well aware of Arnie’s friendship with Franco Columbu. From training sessions at the gym to the construction business, the Sardinian Samson was associated with Arnie in every walk of life till his death in 2019.

Schwarzenegger found a similar long-lasting friendship with Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood. The Terminator icon often confessed his respect for the 93-year-old.

When serving as the Governor, Arnie even bestowed his friend with the first-ever California Hall of Fame award. Now a recent Facebook post reflects an adorable throwback picture of the friends.

The post which now has 1.4k likes is shared by Geekmania and reflects Schwarzenegger and Eastwood holding their newborns as they smile ear to ear posing to the camera.

If the post is to be believed, Arnie held his eldest son Patrick, and the Academy Award winner with his daughter, Francesca, in 1993. However, the adventures of the actors didn’t stop with parenting.

The duo’s Skiing adventures

The adjective adventurous is synonymous with Schwarzenegger, and Eastwood is no less. Both went on a skiing trip a couple of years ago to push the limits of life.

Despite being in their fourth quarter of life, the actors didn’t restrain themselves from facing challenges.

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The 76-year-old also paid tribute to his friend on his birthday this year, and wrote, “At 93, you prove that heroes don’t retire – they reload. You’re a legend.”

He coupled the heartwarming post with their skiing photo. Arnie also once revealed how his older friend’s career choices helped him to make his own.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger lived a wholesome life with his great career, loving children, and adorable friends. Over the years, he nurtured his bond with his colleagues and believed in lifelong friendships.

The throwback image reflects how time has flown and Schwarzenegger is 76 years old. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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