Step into the spotlight Katy Perry stuns in sultry burlesqueinspired looks for Interview shoot. Embracing her inner femme fatale

The 27-year-old singer oozed Sєx appeal as she seductively draped herself over a chair in the dimly lit black and white pH๏τographs.

With several scantily clad women prominent in the background, Katy’s new look was a world away from her usual pop princess style.

The Teenage Dream singer is famed for her candyfloss coloured hair and fun style but these images suggest the wholesome songstress is channeling a darker, more sultry side since her split from British funnyman Russell Brand.

Katy Perry sports burlesque look in Sєxy new pH๏τos from Interview shoot |  Metro News

And Katy has revealed that her next album is also going to reflect her new image.

Speaking about how her break-up will affect her music, she told Interview: ‘My music is about get real f****** dark.’

However, the American sweetheart is adamant that her latest track Part Of Me, which is currently topping the Billboard charts, does not reference her recent split.


Lyrics include: ‘This is the part of me that you’re never gonna ever take away from me, throw your bombs and your blows but you’re not gonna break my soul.’

But Katy insists the song was written two years ago.

‘I always knew that Part of Me was a special song,’ she said.

Katy Perry for Interview Magazine | Sidewalk Hustle

‘It feels like my life plays out with these songs. I feel like I’m in some kind of weird ‘Truman Show’ where I’m like, “Why is this single appropriate now and it wouldn’t have been appropriate then?” It’s just so crazy.’

However, Perry admits her ups and downs are vital when it comes to writing music: ‘I’m kind of one of those people who is a bit emotion-less on the outside, especially in public, but what I do is I store it, and I file it, so when I need to write I can just push that ʙuттon.

Katy Perry for Interview Magazine | Sidewalk Hustle

‘I think it’s really important for me to write songs that are still honest and relatable because that’s what everyone else is going through.’

Earlier in the week Brand stepped out in West Hollywood with his latest conquest, Oriela Medellin, just two months after he and Perry announced their divorce.

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