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A media frenzy has been circling around Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo, since the release of her documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told.” The attention to a variety of ridiculous moments has people questioning the character of this mega-celebrity.

Jennifer Lopez Steps Out in $620 Dirt Smudged Jeans

In the documentary, which released Feb. 27, J.Lo is another example of a large celebrity being out-of-touch with their audience. It is basically J.Lo flaunting her new project, a movie and album both called “This is Me… Now.”

The description of the documentary is J.Lo’s 20-year journey to self-love, but it all feels inauthentic to me. After watching the entire thing, I still feel like I don’t really know her at all.

The most popular clip features J.Lo with disheveled hair saying, “I like taking my hair out like this. It reminds me of when I was like 16 in the Bronx running up and down the block.”

TikTok users were quick to point out that the  “Jenny from the Block” — a reference to the artist’s 2002 song — character is phony. Users commented, “The block deserves royalties at this point,” “Jenny, it’s been 84 years…” and “Ben (Affleck) has to hear about the Bronx everyday.”

J.Lo went to a private high school in  the Throggs Neck neighborhood of the Bronx, so people don’t want to hear her talking about how rough it was for her.

Personally, I just find it cringey, but I don’t think it’s anything people should be hating J.Lo over. If she wants to represent where she’s from, go ahead, but actually be yourself.

The scenes in the documentary consist of the crew rehearsing for the movie and J.Lo reconnecting with her now-husband, Ben Affleck. She also alludes to the pain of her past three marriages, but does not explain why or what happened in them. Even when she does briefly bring up her past, I still don’t get why she is the person she is today.

She also does not seem to respect anyone else’s privacy either, because she mentions how she left a book full of love letters and emails Affleck gave her in the music studio for everyone to see. She used this book as inspiration for her current projects.

Affleck was clearly uncomfortable when describing how the staff made fun of him for it. If I was Affleck, I would be upset if my wife did something like that to me without my permission.

This documentary seems like it is more for her ego rather than creating a work of art. She is worried about no company wanting to fund it, yet still funnels tons of money into a project all about her.

She acts like she isn’t rich, even saying at the end of the documentary to her crew, “I know it wasn’t easy, and I know I pushed you and I expected the moon when we had the budget for like a pack a gum.” My jaw dropped when she said that, because a pack of gum is not the $20 million she spent to fund this project.

J.Lo is no stranger to being out-of-touch, especially when it comes to other celebrities. In an interview in 1998, she said she did not remember what Gwyneth Paltrow has been in, has never been a big fan of Winona Ryder’s work and said Salma Hayek lied about being offered a role as Selena Quintanilla, who J.Lo played in the 1997 film “Selena: The Movie.” I’m all for being honest, but bringing down other women is not it.

There’s another moment in the documentary where she reached out to various celebrities in the industry to make a cameo in “This is Me… Now,” but the majority of them, such as Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, said they were unavailable.

She is seen again not respecting people’s privacy. I would not want my personal phone calls to be featured in a documentary. I also think these celebrities knew there isn’t much money in making a movie that is structured like a musical. The project, however, does end up featuring celebrities like Post Malone, Keke Palmer and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

These clips of J.Lo have gained traction and brought attention to her album. It was temporarily on the Billboard charts, but I have not been hearing a lot about the music itself on social media. This is supposed to be her comeback album, but I don’t see this being as popular as her other albums.

Honestly, if you’ve seen the clips on Tiktok, that was all you needed to see from the documentary. I really want to root for J.Lo because she’s been a staple in the industry for so long, but it’s just disappointment after disappointment. I think it’s time for Jenny to get off the block.

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