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Jelly Roll Should Rethink His Stance on This Powerful Unreleased Song

Jelly Roll announces 'Beautifully Broken' tour -

Jelly Roll surprised the crowd with a spicy unreleased song titled “Liar” during his set at the Grand Ole Opry. The country singer took a risk sharing a new track while on the heralded stage on Tuesday (April 16).

There’s just one problem: He told the audience he may never release it.

“I feel like this is a safe place to play a new song, is that okay with y’all? We might not ever release this song,” he admitted beforehand.

“We’re just gonna play it for y’all and see if it works.”

What Is Jelly Roll’s Song “Liar” About?

Jelly Roll’s unreleased track “Liar” can be looked at one of two ways. On the first listen, it reads as someone finally leaving a toxic relationship. The narrator understands that person is a liar and he’s setting up boundaries for himself.

On the other hand, there is a spiritual aspect to “Liar.” In this instance, our main character is breaking free from the lies of the devil. No longer will he allow the enemy to make him feel any less than he is worth, nor will he continue to walk down the road of addiction and depression.

The “Save Me” singer has been known to share his personal struggles and his own journey of faith in his music. He has connected with fans on this level, and it’s one of the reasons his music has become so popular.

So why would he play such a powerful song without any intention of releasing it? He may want to rethink that, especially since the comments on the video are very positive. Perhaps fans will hear “Liar” on Jelly Roll’s 2024 Beautifully Broken Tour.

Here Are the Lyrics to Jelly Roll’s Unreleased Song “Liar”

I – I let you drive around my mind / I can’t count the times you make me feel like I’m nothing / Played me like a fool, like a fool

Saying drink another whiskey / Pop another pill / Money makes you happy / Heaven isn’t real / You won’t find nobody to love because your heart’s too broke, now I know / You nothing but a liar / Yeah I walk right out that fire / Yeah you try to keep me down / Try to put me underground / I know we’re going higher

I can hear you in my head, in my head when I’m dreaming / You try to be my friend, but you’re blowing smoke / Oh but now I ain’t scared of telling you where you can go / Girl I know, you’re nothing but a liar

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