One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Would Go So Far as to Starve Himself to Come Up with Arcs Like Marineford and Alabasta

Eiichiro Oda would go to great lengths in order to achieve greatness for One Piece


Eiichiro Oda has given his blood, sweat, and tears in creating the emotional masterpiece that is One Piece.
His dedication to the series does not go unnoticed, however, his process is one that could concern many.
Oda thinks best when his mind is exhausted, that is, he would come up with the best ideas and plots when he hasn’t eaten or slept at all.

Eiichiro Oda has always given his everything when it comes to One Piece. There is no stone ever left unturned and no page ever left unread. If it means to give his fans the best, he would do it in a heartbeat. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the series is a pot of gold filled with endless possibilities- a creative nirvana.

Luffy in One Piece - Eiichiro OdaLuffy in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)
In the anime and manga industry, help almost comes secondary to the art itself. This has led to fans often being concerned about the conditions in which mangakas and animators work. For Oda though, there is a special process that gets his creative juices flowing, one that helps him come up with some of the best plots and arcs One Piece has ever seen.

It takes a great amount of dedication, something that the author isn’t afraid of. Something that makes the series an even bigger masterpiece than it already is.

Eiichiro Oda Thinks Better in the Worst Conditions

In an interview with Viz, Eiichiro Oda explained his creative process, elaborating on how it takes a lot of effort to come up with plot points that make One Piece as big as it is today. While most people would look towards keeping themselves fit and healthy when their professions are as demanding as that of mangakas, the same cannot be said for Oda.
Luffy in One PieceLuffy in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

“I think of the plots and scenes when I’m tired. The only way that I can think of a new idea is to think about it a lot without sleeping or eating. That’s the only way that I know, because humans can only come up with truly new ideas when they reach their limit. So every time I am done with my manuscript, I am completely exhausted.”

His tired mind is the one that manages to explore corners and depths of his mind that an active body would otherwise miss out on. Each and every author has their own process.

Some find the best plots in their dreams while others get inspiration in unimaginable ways. When he is hungry or sleep-deprived, Oda takes advantage of the situation and lets his creative side take over. Greatness is achieved only when it is pursued with great lengths.

Boredom is a Human Flaw

Eiichiro Oda is just like every second human being out there. He is prone to boredom just as frequently as every fan and second person would be. In the interview with Viz, he added that there is a constant need for him to make sure One Piece does not get boring for him.
Luffy Declaring War on the World GovernmentLuffy Declaring War on the World Government

“I get bored easily. So if my manga was just about the action, or comedy, or tearjerking moments, more than anybody, I would get bored. So I change up the style of the series to keep up my motivation to draw the series.”

No project will ever be legendary if the author’s heart isn’t in it. What becomes important is to keep a constant flow of change. Something to stimulate the brain and not let the motivation die. Oda understands that, especially with the emotional roller coaster that his magnum opus is.

To avoid getting bored so easily, he thrives to change the style and flow that One Piece sails in, crafting the perfect piece of art.

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