Stephen Curry Injury Update: Warriors Star Offers Insight on Rolled Ankle, as Steve Kerr Outlines Healing Plans


USA Today via Reuters

The Golden State Warriors suffered a loss against The New Orleans Pelicans on Friday night. It was a hard loss for them as it pushed them a seed down to the 10th in the Western Conference. However, that wasn’t the only upset for the evening. The Golden State Warriors fans held their breath as star player Stephen Curry appeared to roll his ankle, during the game. But with the post-game conference, the point guard seems to have brought along consoling news.

Stephen Curry addressed the media in the post-game interview and assured that the incident wasn’t a serious concern. When reporters asked him about the injury he replied, “I rolled it slightly, but on the scale of all the injuries I’ve ever had, this is definitely on the moderate side, so definitely I should be alright.” It is a good sign for the franchise as they stand at a crucial juncture of the tournament. More so, with Curry being a lead scorer for the team, averaging 26.4 points 5.1 assists, and 4.5 rebounds per game.

USA Today via Reuters

While Curry downplayed the severity of the injury, head coach Steve Kerr hinted at a cautious approach regarding player availability in the coming games. A reporter asked Kerr whether he would rest main players for the game against the Suns. We can see Curry, Jonathan Kuminga, Klay Thompson, and Chris Paul getting some rest. Kerr replied, “Oh hell yeah… I am much more interested in our ability to be ready for next week.” 

Looks like HC is quite optimistic about the chances ahead. And if all sits well, resting key players might work in favor of the roster, highlighting the agreeable approach to remain injury-free at an important part of the tournament rather than risking player’s health.

The road ahead for Warriors

Warriors currently find themselves in a critical position. One of the key aspects of the road ahead for the Warriors is navigating the play-in tournament. In their current position, the Warriors might face the no.9 Sacramento Kings. If they win, they find another matchup to triumph against the Suns vs Lakers victor and ultimately head to face the Timberwolves in the playoffs.

Kerr and his coaching staff must carefully manage player minutes to ensure peak performance when it matters most. Kerr’s emphasis on readiness for the playoffs underscores the team’s long-term ambitions, striking a balance between rest and preparation.

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