(WATCH) Fans swoon over Jayson Tatum and girlfriend Ella Mai as Celtics Superstar attends Former Teammate’s Special Moment: Triumphs on and Off the Court

The talented Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum has made a name for himself as one of the best players in the NBA. Tatum has already been to four conference finals and is set to lead the Celtics to the NBA Finals in 2022. He is only 25 years old. He has become a strong candidate for the MVP award thanks to his great play in previous years. Tatum is successful in areas other than basketball, and his personal life is also very good. He is seeing the British singer Ella Mai right now, and fans can’t get enough of this beautiful couple.

Tatum recently went to the wedding of Marcus Smart, a former Celtics player. Smart moved to the Memphis Grizzlies this summer, but Tatum was still there to see this important event. And he wasn’t by himself; his longtime girlfriend Ella Mai was with him. A picture of the couple at Smart’s wedding went viral on social media, and Tatum and Mai’s fans couldn’t help but love and adore them.

Jayson Tatum’s fans are amazed by how well he does in life, not just on the court. They call him a “winner” in every way. Tatum will miss having Marcus Smart on the Celtics team, but he is excited to start a new season with his partner Jaylen Brown. They both want to win their first NBA title together.

Marcus Smart will also try to do well with the Memphis Grizzlies, his new team. Smart could make a big difference for the Grizzlies and help their young players do well with his experience and leadership. The Grizzlies have two former Defensive Players of the Year on their team, so their defense should be strong. Tatum and Smart will be back on the court together, but this time they will be on different teams. Fans can’t wait to see how they do in their separate seasons.

Jayson Tatum’s amazing basketball skills and his growing relationship with Ella Mai have won over people all over the world. This power couple keeps making news, both on and off the court, because of how talented they are and how much they love each other.

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