Ronaldo was suspended for 2 matches for offensive celebration

TPO – Striker Cristiano Ronaldo will be banned from playing for 2 matches and fined after he was found to have had an ugly celebration during the match yesterday morning.

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In the match against Al Shabab, Ronaldo was once again angered when thousands of chants of “Messi, Messi, Messi” rang out every time he touched the ball. At the beginning of the match, when the 39-year-old superstar took the penalty, he was booed even more fiercely.

Perhaps because of frustration with opposing fans, Ronaldo reacted negatively. After scoring and after finishing the match, he both celebrated the challenge. CR7 raised his hands to his ears with a message challenging the opposing fans to shout Messi’s name again. At the climax, he had an obscene celebration, spreading his legs and continuously moving his hands up and down.

Witnessing this move, many people thought of crude messages. Saudi Arabian media vehemently criticized the Portuguese star . “Everything has a limit, no matter how famous you are. This is how big tournaments usually operate,” one commentator expressed his opinion about what Ronaldo did.

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After scoring from the penalty spot, Ronaldo celebrated without restraint


Immediately after the match, Al Shabab also collected evidence to send to the tournament organizers and it didn’t take long for the penalty to be issued. Many Arab newspapers confirmed that Ronaldo will be banned from playing 2 matches and pay a large fine.

The Saudi Arabia Football Federation’s disciplinary committee wants to deter the Portuguese superstar because this is not the first time he has acted offensively. On February 9, in the friendly match with Al Hilal, both angry because Al Nassr lost and angry because the fans teased him, Ronaldo used Al Hilal’s shirt to… wipe his crotch. This is the shirt an opposing fan threw at him.



the latest punishment, Ronaldo will miss 2 matches on the championship journey and Al Nassr will certainly suffer the consequences. Because Ronaldo is contributing greatly to their achievements. He scored 22 goals in 20 matches in the national championship, 9 goals in 8 recent appearances on all fronts. In total, he was responsible for more than 50% of the total goals scored by Al Nassr in the 2023/24 campaign (31/60 goals).

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