Arnold Schwarzenegger boasts of his great friendship with Sylvester Stallone

The actors maintain a close friendship. They have acted together in blockbuster big screen productions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone participated in a presumably Western-themed charity event and shared an image showing off how much fun they have together.

“Me with the great man @ schwarzenegger , who looks healthier than ever. The guy is unstoppable,” wrote the protagonist of “Rocky” in an image in which he appears with the artist of Austrian origin.

In January of this year,  Arnold Schwarzenegger  underwent emergency surgery at a Los Angeles hospital to replace a heart artery valve, originally placed in 1997 for a suspected congenital problem. But a complication in the procedure forced open heart surgery.

That time, Stallone was very concerned about the health of his tough friend.

The actors maintain a great friendship, but it was not always like this. For several years they maintained a great rivalry that, according to Stallone, helped them become two of the biggest action stars.

In October 2013, during the avant premiere of “Escape Plan,” Stallone acknowledged that for 20 years they had an intense dislike for each other. “In the end, you kind of appreciate it. Maybe the reason we were so competitive is because it made us who we are,” he said.

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