“Katy Perry’s Splashy Video Shoot: A Helping Hand”

While shooting a new video in Los Angeles, Katy Perry didn’t hesitate to call on a male assistant for some wardrobe adjustments.

The scene took place at the Rose Gardens, where the crew member helped her fix her hot pink and black dress under a fountain.

Katy appeared unperturbed by the assistance and kept the energy high while filming for Star Strukk, a project she was working on with the electroband 3oh!3.

Hands on role: An assistant helps Katy Perry adjust her outfit while filming her new video in Los Angeles

In a behind-the-scenes look, we see an assistant lending a hand to Katy Perry as she fine-tunes her outfit for her latest music video shoot in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

Katy Perry


Katy Perry

Drenched and crazy: The artist is filming a music video for Star Strukk alongside electro group 3oh!3.

katy perry

katy perry

Katy Perry brought her usual edgy style to the filming, rocking a leopard-print mini-dress and towering purple heels. Despite her glamorous appearance, the 24-year-old surprised everyone with a dark grooming secret – hairy legs and a pimpled face.

The singer openly shared that she came to the set with acne cream on her face, showing a more relatable and down-to-earth side of herself.


Katy had a fun time getting all wet during the shoot, despite the mishaps. She took to Twitter to tease about an upcoming scandalous scene in the video with 3oh3.

Before diving into the fountain, she joked about still having zit cream on and asked for reassurance about not shaving her legs that morning. Katy is working on a music video with the duo from Colorado, Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte.

Katy Perry shoots her music video 'Star Strukk'  filming in Los Angeles

All set to dazzle: Katy recently teamed up with 3oh!3’s Nathaniel Motte (on the left) and Sean Foreman for a music video shoot.

Her fellow stars had nothing but praise for her acting skills. Nath, known as Nat3oh3 on Twitter, even joked around, telling her, ‘The camera can’t get enough of you.

It’s smitten.’ When it came to the second day of filming, he shared, ‘We’re nailing the grungy look for the opening scene. Comes naturally to us.’

Katy Perry

Looking stylish and confident, Katy rocked an edgy leopard-print dress paired with striking purple stilettos that added a touch of glamour to her outfit.

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