Sylvester Stallone Remembers Carl Weathers and Reacts to the Barbie Outfit He Inspired

Amidst cheers and applause, Sylvester Stallone made a charismatic return to the talk show stage. Jimmy Fallon warmly welcomed him back, complimenting his appearance and inquiring about his well-being.

Sylvester Stallone Remembers Carl Weathers and Reacts to the Barbie Outfit  He Inspired (Extended)

Stallone, exuding confidence, shared updates on his life and career. Despite a playful remark about his “numbered days,” he expressed gratitude for the positive trajectory of his show and career.

Fallon seized the opportunity to discuss Stallone’s unexpected involvement in the movie “Barbie.” Stallone revealed that his nickname, “Barbie,” led to a connection with the film’s director, eventually resulting in his image being incorporated into the movie alongside Ryan Gosling.

The conversation then veered towards a lighthearted discussion about Stallone’s admiration for Gosling and the unlikely prospect of him playing Rambo.

Stallone humorously pondered the notion, acknowledging the stark contrast between himself and the suave Gosling.

Sylvester Stallone pays tribute to 'Rocky' co-star Carl Weathers

Transitioning to more personal topics, Fallon brought up Stallone’s recent move from Los Angeles to the East Coast.

Stallone shared anecdotes about selling his former home to Adele, complete with a stipulation to leave behind a statue of Rocky, which Adele insisted upon.

The interview took a poignant turn as Stallone reminisced about the late Carl Weathers, his co-star in the “Rocky” series.

Fond memories of their initial meeting and the camaraderie they shared behind the scenes resonated deeply with Stallone, underscoring Weathers’ irreplaceable contribution to the franchise.

He Had It All': Sylvester Stallone Remembers Carl Weathers on 'Fallon'

Fallon then shifted gears, praising Stallone’s documentary “Sly” and his reality show “The Family Stallone.” Stallone reflected on the unexpected journey of participating in a reality show, highlighting the adventures and bonding experiences with his family.

The conversation concluded with a humorous anecdote about Stallone shadow boxing with the Pope during a visit to the Vatican.

Despite the irreverent moment, Stallone fondly recalled the Pope’s acknowledgment of his films, showcasing his enduring impact on audiences worldwide.

As the segment wrapped up, a preview of the upcoming season of “The Family Stallone” offered a glimpse into the dynamic and spirited interactions within Stallone’s household.

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